3d Scanning

Our new 3d scanning system allows us to quickly scan components or entire automobiles up to a +/- .002 tolerance for superior fit and realistic renders. Our ever-expanding database of engines and transmission combos allows us to scan an engine bay, design, and then CNC cut all components. Allowing lighter, stronger, and very tight tolerance parts, for better TIG welds and visually a nicer looking part that can be duplicated if a later project requires a similar setup. Not only can we scan but also 3d print up 30x16x16″ CarbonX. If needed we can also provide 3d printed aluminum, stainless, titanium, and steel parts with quality better and cheaper than an investment casting. Aluminum intakes can now be designed, flow tested, and build with staggering tolerances. Removing the need for post porting or afterthoughts that might not be seen till project nears completion adding cost and time to a project. We not limited to automobiles we also engineer components for mega yachts. With over 30 years in the field of fabrication and knowledge, why wouldn’t you let us properly engineer your next vision and make it a reality?