This 56 Chevy outfitted with a TRD inject Nascar engine straight from TRD. 8 months to complete this gorgeous car including all the in house engineered pulley system and almost everything under the hood fabricated and or CNC machined in house. When a customer says hey I have a crazy idea with no budget” I have some friends at TRD how about we buy a 125k dollar race motor before NASCAR gets one and shove it into a 56 Chevy” So that’s exactly what we did. TRD had some requirements for us due to a very secretive black create that showed up next day air (YES NEXT DAY AIR) with the 3rd prototype off the TRD line and contact that this motor not to be on social media before the first lap or photographed by anyone. The 4-2-1 headers took 2 weeks to build to TRD spec and fit it in a 56 Chevy.  Air cleaners also designed and built right here at Dienerbilt giving Toyota thanks for this truly awesome engine.

Technical Specification

Price : 300K+
Body-Type : Chevy
Model-Year : Belair
Engine-Type : Toyota TRD V8
Car-Color : Blue

Dealers Details