218ft Benetti – Mega Yacht

Yes, we do yachts also although we can’t fit them through the shop door. I was asked by a customer 18 years and 8 mega yachts ago if I could hot rod one, so we did and still do. This mega yacht got a complete re-fit not to mention the re-fit of the year award after completion. Over 15 million in refinishing and refurnishing went into this 218ft monster. With Tylor Lane Yachts and Buddy Haack project managing it was an amazing outcome to say the least. The entire engine room was gutted and transformed into the house of mirrors you see in the photos. Engineers hate it but does it look killer.

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Technical Specification

Price : 80,000,000+
Body-Type : Benetti - Yacht
Model-Year : 2006
Engine-Type : CAT
Car-Color : White
Car-Mileage : NA

Dealers Details