??NEW 3D SCANNER?? ⚡We now provide complete accurate portable 3d scans with a tolerance of +/-.002 ⚡ Realistic and accurate renderings ⚡Scan and simulate cylinder head flow and custom intake manifold designs plus 3d aluminum printed components ⚡We use the latest in 3d software and mesh stiching products to ensure compatability with most CAD/CAM ⚡Reverse engineer components to remove weight from a part while reserving its factor of saftey ⚡ 5 axis CNC mill and 3 axis lathe programing and gcode generstion ⚡DIENERBILT.COM for more info, cars and projects we have built, and cars we had a large part in getting to a superior product ⚡DM Us for any questions you might have, we will be happy to help


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